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Good Air Oral Appliance

The Good Air Oral Appliance is a device that is worn in the mouth while sleeping. This repositions the lower jaw and tongue to help open the airway. This is accomplished by tensing the muscles that support the airway, which in turn opens or dilates the airway so air can freely move in and out without resistance or obstruction. The unique feature of the Good Air Oral Appliance is the posterior pads. They prevent the jaw and tongue from falling back during sleep. The elastics on the side help keep the mouth closed and produce a light force that helps the jaw come forward.

Advantage of  the Good Air Oral Appliance:

  • Total posterior support to protect the TMJ's
  • Aids in managment of Sleep Bruxism ( Teeth Grinding )
  • Allows for freedom of jaw movement
  • No rigid connectors
  • Easily modified and adjusted for optimum comfort and effect
  • Does not lock the lower jaw into a set position
  • Help keep the airway open during sleep
  • Assists and improves nasal breathing
  • Allows for adequate tongue space
  • Opens palate for improved comfort
  • Small in size with minimal bulk
  • Opens in front for ease of talking, drinking, or licking the lips

The main mode of action of the Good Air Oral Appliance is through  opening of the bite vertically with minimal jaw advancement. This contributes to improved comfort and lowers the risk of side effects such as bite changes.