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Oral Airway Dilator Appliances

Oral appliances are devices worn in the mouth while sleeping that reposition the lower jaw and tongue to help open the airway. This is accomplished by tensing the muscles that support the airway which in turn opens or dilates the airway so that air can move in and out freely without obstruction or resistance.

There are numerous appliances available to manage Snoring and Sleep apnea. Over the years it has been found that a  limited number of appliances are most useful, proven to be effective, and well tolerated by the patient.

Advantages of these Appliances:

The use of Oral Airway Dilator Appliances offer the following qualities:

  • Posterior support to protect the TMJ's
  • Ability to manage Sleep Bruxism (teeth grinding)
  • Freedom of jaw movement with use
  • Easily modified to accommodate dental work
  • Does not lock or hold jaw in a set position
  • Helps keep the airway open by preventing the jaw and tongue from falling back during sleep
  • Improves nasal breathing